Industrial engines and power systems

Volvo Penta industrial engines are ready for your application. These engines deliver the unsurpassed reliability, durability, fuel efficiency, and low cost of ownership you have come to expect from Volvo Penta. And our world-class customer support will never let you down. All this adds up to a powerful advantage for you.

Senior player

Every Volvo Penta industrial diesel engine comes with 100 years of engine experience. Our world-class product line of high industrial engines in a wide range of applications offer power solutions for the most demanding installations and the harshest environments. With a power options from 122-565 bkW (166-768 mhp), Volvo Penta industrial engines offer a wide power range in the industry.

Leading the industry

With decades of diesel engine innovation and expertise behind us, Volvo Penta takes another critical step into the future with EU Stage 3B/EPA Tier 4i technology engines. These engines meet tough emissions standards and deliver the performance and efficiency you expect from Volvo Penta.

Performance with reduced footprint

  • Low fuel consumption
  • Easy and compact installation
  • High power output
  • Low service requirements

Our techology choice for industrial engines to meet the legislative demands covered in EU Stage 3B and EPA Tier 4i is Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). This means that the nitrogen oxides will be reduced when the exhaust pass through the SCR unit and the particulates will be reduced by a highly efficient development of the in-cylinder combustion process.

The Volvo SCR engine technology is well proven in the Volvo Group since 2004 when the Euro 4 emission regulation was effective in Europe for on-road vehicles. The SCR technology will also be used in Volvo Groups on-road vehicles in the USA to meet the US10 emission regulation effective from 2010.Beyond 2011 comes 2014 which will bring EU Stage 4 and EPA Tier 4 emission regulations and the Volvo Group technology is already there. To meet the next stage of legislations in 2014, SCR will be coupled with additional advanced technologies developed within the Volvo Group.

SCR – The fuel efficient solution

– More power combined with lower fuel consumption – Excellent engine response / load acceptance – Lower cooling demand – Service intervals remain unchanged – Proven technology since 2004 in Volvo Trucks – After treatment without regeneration – Easy maintenance – Easy installation – Engine simplicity

Lower fuel consumption and easier on-site maintenance

High efficiency combustion results in low fuel consumption (5-10% compared to today’s engines) and extremely low levels of particulate matter (PM) – but high levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx). The NOx is converted into harmless nitrogen gas and water vapour by automatically adding up to 5% AdBlue®, to the exhaust gases and then passing this through a catalytic converter. As the SCR cat is designed to last the life of the engine, there is no increase in service intervals or costly downtime.

Easier installation

The Volvo SCR system has the same (or lower)cooling demand than today. This has the advantage of minimising noise levels and the cost of the radiator package. A smaller radiator also allows OEMs the flexibility to accommodate the cooling system in space sensitive installations.

Maximising power output

Another benefit of turning more energy in the fuel into mechanical power (less heat rejection) is that the power output can be maximised for a given engine displacement. This results in smaller engine sizes, reduced costs and simplified installations. ® = registered trademark of the Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V. (VDA )

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